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Migration has become a world wide phenomena and talking point. What compels large groups of people to uproot their lives and leave their homeland for another country. There are all kinds of reasons. But in the end, for many, it's simply about family. 

"Mi Familia" is on the soon-to-be-released Who Cares album! Here's a vid.  Share your thoughts on Facebook on Twitter or click to Contact David directly 

Mi Familia

Mi Familia (David G Smith/Tom Favreau) 
Another migrant stuck in Nogales 
Shanty town Mexican side 
Captured crossing the border 
A journey many have tried 
I serve them food in this comedor  
Some of them I know by name 
When I ask them why they keep risking their lives, the answer is always the same 

Mi Familia, Mi Familia 
My sisters, my brothers, the babies their mothers 
Mi Familia 

They freeze at night crossing the desert 
Drown in the Rio Grande 
Violence and poverty chase them 
On their run for the promised land 
Everyone that comes thru here 
Has a story and picture to show 
Of desperate lives framing hopeful eyes 
Telling me why they still go 

Their stories tear me apart 
But the children will break your heart 
I see them every day 
All of them are 
Mi Familia

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