David G Smith w Just 4 Fun

(CDT, UTC-05) (CDT, UTC-05)

The Buddha Live - Ft. Myers, 12701 McGregor Blvd, Ft. Meyers, FL 33919

OK, this is different! This thing just popped up. Matt Mikesh fronts a band called Just 4 Fun in Ft. Myers, Florida. I got to know Matt through a Wisconsin event called Pinestock Fest that he promoted and where I performed for several years. He has invited me to perform with his band at The Buddah Live....well.....just for fun! I'm in! They'll be up and runnin' between 5-8:30pm Eastern Daylight Time (yea, that time zone thing again). I have a feelin' the ol' resonator is going to get a good workout. Florida, beach, food, sun, no cover, no excuse! Come on out....and take it easy! 239-246-1246 for more info.