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"In The Silence" was inspired by two men whose lives helped shape mine. My Dad and Uncle Tom. It was also written with the families in mind--whose relationships changed from husband/wife, child/father, to caretaker. True communication ceases as this disease progresses. A different kind of language takes its place; one that has no history or future, one that thrives only in the moment; one that appreciates the gift of precious life and just being with another; one that speaks only.... in the silence.


My father, Al turned 87 this month. Farming was his first love. Then he became a John Deere man. Quiet spoken; dependable; always there. He was officially diagnosed with Alz a few months ago. But onset is "suspected" to have been around age 80 when our mother would have to help him remember short term memory events: that recent family gatherings occurred, who attended them, details about various business meetings, etc. As a family, we have been watching first, his short, and now long term memory deteriorate; watching how he struggles to remember how to operate workshop tools and yard maintenance machinery he's used for years. Memory, in bits and pieces--one day there; the next day gone. He no longer knows what month it is or who the current President is. Not only doesn't he know his children's names, he doesn't know his children. His sense of humor and quick wit response are still intact. But as he becomes more frustrated with his inability to function, we wonder if these too will be claimed by the insidious disease known as Alzheimer's.

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Six albums in, the career of singer/songwriter David G Smith has the Iowan belaboring reality to the core. First Love (Hey Dave Music) is 10 deeply felt originals on the cusp of bluesy Americana and righteous roots fervor. It's different. Captivating. Adult. -- Mike Greenblatt/Classicalite Read full review

Finding his voice and his songwriting soul, Smith has crafted a series of independently released albums, including live projects capturing his songs in their natural environment. Reflective and demanding,
-- Donald Teplyske/FervorCoulee. Read full review

The contrast between Smith’s laid-back sound and style and the words he has written is fascinating.
--CD Reviews INDIE Blues/Rhetta Read full review

David [Smith] comes across with the same sort of weathered resolve that best exemplifies fellow travelers like Kris Kristofferson and Townes Van Zandt.
--Lee Zimmerman/No Depression Read Lee's article
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Uncle Tom, my godmother's husband, and his family dealt with early onset Alzheimer's for almost 30 years, beginning in his 50's. He passed away in his mid 80's. For context, my mother and godmother are sisters. We are a close knit extended family. So our family had a ring side seat as this disease slowly destroyed Tom's ability to function. He was strong physically as he was an athlete and Golden Gloves boxer early in his life. It is suspected that blows to the head as a fighter may have been a contributing factor to early onset.


Co Album Release & Alzheimer Disease Fundraiser

The Cardinal by Julie Christensen and Stone Cupid (Lou Reed, Todd Rundgren, Leonard Cohen)

First Love by David G Smith featuring "In The Silence" a song inspired by David's Dad and Uncle Tom, both of whom were diagnosed with Alzheimer's.

"FIRST LOVE" was produced, engineered and mixed by Blue Miller (India.Arie, Bob Seger) and mastered by Jim Lightman.

"FIRST LOVE" features 10 original songs (including co-writes with Keeley Valentino, Deanna Walker and Tom Favreau) and is filled with old friends, mentors and collaborators.

 Joining Smith (acoustic guitar/piano/vocals) in the studio is Doug Kahan (bass), Jon Fletcher (drums), Blue Miller (percussion, electric/acoustic guitar, string pad), Joe Robinson (electric guitars), Denny Hemingson (Wiesenborn acoustic lap), Jelly Roll Johnson (harp), Edward J Smith (mandolin), Keb Mo' (National acoustic resonator), John Catchings (cello), Larry Franklin (fiddle), and on supporting vocals Alicia Michilli, Blue Miller, Chantae Cann and Mary Gauthier.

Special guests on the song "Fear" include Buddy Mondlock (guitar/vocals), Kenny Malone (percussion), Bryn Davies (stand up bass), Steve Conn (keyboard) and Mary Gauthier (vocals).

"David has...the ability to dig one hell of a groove, sing, write songs and make his guitar look like a natural extension of his body when he plays it...wonderful music” (Mary Gauthier)

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